PVC/PVG Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

Solid Woven Conveyor Belt
Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

Basic Product Description

Solid woven fire resistant conveyor belt is manufactured by plasticizing or vulcanizing solid woven core, which is impregnated in PVC paste. The belt has below characteristics: high tensile strength, big-volume & smooth transportation, good fire / static / impact / abrasion / corrosion resistance.

Solid Woven Conveyor Belt Burning resistance performance:

  1. The friction of roller: the temperature of the roller's surface is no more than 325℃.
  2. The burning blowtorch: the burning time of the entire thickness piece is no more than 3.0s in average; it is no more than 5.0s without the cover.
  3. The propane combustion: the length withput any damage is more than 250mm.
  4. Surface resistance values:The average number of the up and down cover is no more than 3.0*108Ω
 Solid Woven Conveyor Belt Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

Characteristics of Solid Woven Conveyor Belt:

  1. Overall braided belt pulley can balance pull and the elongate stretch when re-entering the core;
  2. No delaminating, excellent tear resistance;
  3. The edge of the baptist PVC core is closed, and it is not easy to damage grinding;
  4. Link with pin and hot melt adhesive connection can be, easy to be mended
  5. The rubber surface type is more wear-resistant; the friction coefficient is larger than the entire height of plastic type upgrading 2-6°.

Application of Solid Woven Conveyor Belt:

Transport coal, chemical materials and etc. in coal mine and other flammable places.

Thickness of the coating rubber that our company recommend for PVC and PVG Solid Woven Conveyor Belt:

Type PVC(mm) PVG(mm)
680S 1.5+1 2+1
800S 2+1 2+1
1000S 2+1 2+1.5
1250S 2+2 2.5+1.5
1400S 3+2 2.5+1.5
1600S 3+2 2.5+1.5
1800S 3+2 3+2
2000S 5+2 3+2 & 4+2


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